Regions to boost National maritime spatial planning

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Maritime spatial planning to address major maritime issues
and gradually involve the regions

REGINA-MSP aims at improving the participation of the Regions, local authorities and stakeholders in the development and implementation of national Maritime Spatial Planning (MSP).

Building on a general analysis and on discussion at European level and in-depth study of 8 regional case studies in 5 countries (Ireland, France, Spain, Italy and Greece), it is expected that this project will enhance uptake at regional level to further promote MSP, improving its contribution to the European Green Deal and interaction with the European Cohesion Policy.

Recommendations will benefit MSP processes and the coordination of public policies at European, national and regional levels.

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REGINA-MSP Project news

A map inventorying regional & European geoportals for Marine Spatial Planning (in our 8 case studies areas)


As key players in achieving the European Green Deal objectives related to the Blue Economy and to the Biodiversity Strategy, and as key enablers for engaging and involving stakeholders and local authorities, the regions have a facilitating role in national Maritime Spatial Planning. However, the role of regions in MSP is quite diverse across the EU. Hence REGINA-MSP aims to work collaboratively to address these complexities and strengthen coherency of plans across the EU.

Policy briefs will summarise the information collected and policy papers will issue recommendations at the 3 levels of case study Regions, countries and the European Union. The expected impacts include enhanced mobilisation at regional level in favour of MSP and its contribution to the Green Deal, as well as possible evolutions in the legal and policy frameworks.

Planned activities

  • Conducting a survey on national and regional implementation of MSP among the coastal peripheral maritime Regions of Europe
  • Carrying-out a cross-cutting analysis between 8 regional case studies
  • Reviewing existing documents and literature and data needs for MSP at the regional level
  • Undertaking interviews with actors
  • Organizing participatory workshops with stakeholders
  • Raising awareness among the general public
  • Facilitating a community of practice
  • Training for administrative officers involved in MSP implementation


REGINA-MSP is a project co-funded by the European Maritime, Fisheries and Aquaculture Fund (EMFAF)
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